Henry is fantastic! I've gone to a few other places where they didn't take me seriously and overcharged for simple work, but Henry helped me a lot. He is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. He does great repair work and it is very affordable and easy.

- Patrycja M.

Very friendly and helpful staff. They went above and beyond working with me to get exactly what I wanted at a very good price. They were patient, kind, and honest - which was very much appreciated. Highly recommend Henry!

- Lexi L.

When I realized that I had a lot of beautiful expensive jewelry sitting in my Jewelry box that I had not worn in years, I decided that it was time to see what it was worth and turn it into cash that is much needed in the present economy. My daughter said to take the items to Henry's Jewelers because they had a reputation for being very fair and honest. That was an understatement because my experience was beyond my expectations. They time spent in explaining and evaluating each piece of jewelry I was selling reassured me and I was confident that I would be getting the most current value for my items. Henry's Jewelers is a trustworthy, family owned business that I highly recommend to anyone buying or selling jewelry.

- Maria E Z.

My wife and I weren't exactly "customers" of "Henry's Jewelers," but we had such a good experience with them, we felt they more than deserved recognition.

A few days before we went to Henry's, my wife thought there was a discoloration in a couple of her diamonds in her 6-year-old wedding ring. She was devastated. She tried to remember if she possibly handled something during the work week which may gotten between the stones and could have contributed to the discoloration. We were hoping that a simple solution like a cleaning could be a remedy.

Since the owners of the jewelry store I originally bought ring from had retired, I promised her that we would locate a local store that wasn't part of a chain, like the store we got the ring from, in an effort to get similar quality.
We examined all of the possibilities and settled on Henry's and we're so glad that we found them. We stopped in on a Saturday afternoon, told them the situation and the gentleman who waited on us immediately started examining the ring to make sure there was nothing structurally flawed with the it, then proceeded to take it to the back room to have it cleaned.

He brought the ring back out and it looked brilliant, like it was brand new! My wife was so relieved and delighted, she started to well-up in her eyes. The gentleman who brought out the ring declined to charge us for the service, though we were quite prepared to cover the expense.

What Henry's probably considered such a simple act of kindness meant the world to us! It's generosity like this that wins a business loyal customers.

Additionally, as we were waiting, we watched their other associates interact with customers and saw the care and time they invested with each person. Although we weren't customers in the traditional sense, we were absolutely thrilled with them and would highly recommend Henry's. When we have jewelry needs in the future, they will be our first choice.

- Richard S.

Very friendly & honest service. Took over a engagement band and a bracelet for service and was very pleased. Highly recommend!

- Tjrice10

The most exceptional staff and product! My husband got my engagement ring here and then we picked out our bands together. It was so special and perfect!

- Claire B.
(Washington, DC)

My experience with Henry's goes back many, many years ago when he used to do trade shows in shopping centers. I have a few pieces of his jewelry, rings and earrings, with diamonds and gemstones. All are just gorgeous and have held up to a lot of wear without ever showing it. It's usual for me to experience dents in rings and even some earrings but, not with Henry's pieces. They all still look new, bright and shiny, even after all these years. When considering an investment in a piece of jewelry that is going to make someone feel very special, do not overlook Henry's. You'll be sorry if you do.

- Judie G.
(Paramus, NJ)

Really helpful staff. Fairly priced. Will work with you on what your are looking for within in your budget. Both new and estate jewelry. Give them a try!

- Susan D.
(Ambler, PA)

Very honest, high integrity. Prices range from low-end to high-end he has something for everyone. I can't say enough positive things about Henry and this family business. He started with jim's and Jewelry when he was 18 years old and knows it well. Shop local and this is the place you can trust 100%

- Gail W.
(Eagleville, PA)

Henry's provided outstanding customer service. From the moment I walked in the door their staff was very courteous and helpful. They had a wide inventory to chose from and really spent time helping me select the item that suited my needs. Henry's has items for all occassions so it was a one stop shop for me.

- Erin K.
(Doylestown, PA)